And create your ultimate BPM experience. which helps a lot when implementing the system and developing its use. Furthermore, we offer certification opportunities, e.g. The BOC Group BPM suite ADONIS NP builds exactly upon this basis and value proposition. Implement locally, roll out globally. This also makes it perfect for anyone looking to take ADONIS for a test drive before buying into a professional plan. Reuse everything. Powered by its centralized and governed repository, ADONIS lets you do things other tools simply can’t. For more information about the cookies we use, see our. If you can think it. And discover a new level of productivity. Go through a robust approval cycle for each process version. Easily focus your attention on process information that’s most relevant to you, your role or department, leaving no room for confusion. And with dozens of different graphical analyses, dashboards and visualization options, ADONIS will help you see your process architecture in a whole different light. BOC Group encourages all interested parties to take the new ADONIS for a spin with the free ADONIS:Community Edition and experience next-level BPM first hand. And unlock a different dimension of knowledge. All rights reserved. Work smart and get more done with the predictive modelling assistant, drag & drop, automatic BPMN validation and more! Abstract. Define process targets, document your KPIs in ADONIS and track their progress over time. Collaboration across teams is never easy, but with ADONIS it’s easier. The BOC Group is a technological leader in IT-based management tools and offers products and services in the areas of Business Process Management, Enterprise Architecture and Governance, Risk & Compliance. What ever your concern, we are happy to answer your questions! ADONIS Process Simulation allows you to dynamically analyse the digital twin of your organization and take action. One tool. But it takes so much more to build up, maintain and expand a process architecture in a sustainable way. No problem! And promote an internal process culture to drive continuous business improvement. Establish your continuous improvement process, all in one tool. Cookies help us deliver our services. Release processes and documents. And match all your business needs. Dynamic process simulation is key for getting an insight into how your processes would perform in the real world. SELECTED CUSTOMERS WHO TRUST IN US Easily address the core BPM(N) challenges. And it’s smart enough to make automatic translation suggestions on the spot. Leverage robust graphical views, dashboards and simulation mechanisms. Find out how ADONIS can help you gain digital advantage with BPM. Interact with your process models in different ways. Drag & drop will support you at every step, while also ensuring that you create correct dependencies across the process landscape. ADONIS or ADOIT record processing activities linked with the business objects/entities. Actively communicate with colleagues in ADONIS. The bigger picture behind your processes. Analyse without limits. The processing activities should be assigned not only to the affected persons according to roles, but also to the processing applications and processes (on a high-level or detail level). Welcome to the BOC Group Documentation Portal. Interactive Process Sharing & Consumption. See processes you’re involved in, roles you’re assigned, or tasks you’re responsible for. ADONIS was designed to help you defy limits and go one step further to develop and deploy optimal business processes with minimal disruption. We make it happen. “When you integrate your business architecture with our products, you’ll maximize the full range that BOC Group offers, achieving enhanced connectivity and peak effectiveness for your company.” Ensure data consistency and accuracy enterprise-wide. For those without access to a training instance, you can sign up for a free ADONIS:Community Edition account. For the third time in a row, BOC Group gets listed as a Representative Vendor with ADONIS in Gartner’s Enterprise Business Process Analysis report. Agile. With 230 employees across 8 European locations, we continuously strive and work for improving, advancing and growing our products and services. for CBPA and CBPP. And fully transparent. The BOC Group offers attractive forms of partnership-based cooperation: Distribution & Sales, Consulting & Solutions, Technology & Integration, and Knowledge & Academics. BOC Group today unveiled ADONIS 11.0, a major update to their BPM suite, featuring a stunning redesign in UI across the board, and a completely reimagined user experience. ADONIS offers something that further boosts, and complements the process release workflow beautifully. Select the product you need help with. Transferring data can be a pain, but not with ADONIS. Would you like further information on the BOC Cloud Services or are you interested in the BOC Group Partner Programme? The possibilities are endless. Get sign-off from the right people. Easily exchange improvement suggestions for any process. Seeing is believing. Bring in your ideas. Reach different stakeholders and cater to their specific needs. BOC Group and ADOIT receive top scores in latest Forrester EAMS Wave. And easily manage enterprise-wide improvement initiatives. Automation brings process quality front and centre. Field-tested and proven tool trainings for ADONIS and ADOIT as well as seminars for BPM, EAM and GRC (ICS) are the ideal complement for perfecting your employee's skills. ADONIS reports allow you to easily present useful process information in an incredibly comprehensive format. Learn how one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies leverages the power of ADONIS to ensure continuous success in Business Process Management. Untangle complexities of processes and systems. Business Process Management has always been a practice of collaborative nature. From designers and all the way to process owners. Manage risks, controls or documents. That way, you ensure clear, consistent and flawless BPM(N) models every single time. Implementing business process management can certainly have its challenges. Or even search in uploaded documents. Business Process Management has always been a practice of collaborative nature. Get a quick intro into the core elements and diagrams with our free BPMN 2.0 poster. Open models in a textual view for a step-by-step breakdown and focus on the most important process pieces. Find out what your business needs to achieve true digital transformation success. Collaborate with colleagues. Do you want to test ADONIS or don’t meet the requirements for a lecturer account in the BOC Academy Programme? We are happy to let you benefit from more than 20 years of experience. Model processes quickly and hassle-free. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. In ADONIS, modelling is as easy as it gets. Make consumption of process information easier, and process documentation more efficient. Monitor initiatives. Capture real-life processes and evaluate their effectiveness in a virtual environment, without workplace interruptions. Add model elements. Visualize process information efficiently and observe it from different angles. ADONIS 11.0 started with a desire to take an experience that users love and make it even better. Add corporate branding, create new dashboards, adjust user rights and more. It simplifies teamwork.”. Get the most out of ADONIS and your distributed systems, using the BOC Group REST API for your BPM. Identify key dependencies across your process landscape. Have an audit coming up? “The platform allows to define, examine, simulate and document processes. That way everyone has access to the latest information most relevant to their work, easier to find, and easier to consume. Because we think it’s essential that all our users can enjoy the benefits of doing BPM, ADONIS is the only accessibility-certified tool on the market. In 1995 the BOC Group was founded by Prof. Dr. Dimitris Karagiannis as a spin-off of the University of Vienna. Examine architecture pieces from different perspectives. Many tools can model processes. Make your BPM as diverse as you are. ADONIS Fits Your Needs. Link KPIs on a model level, monitor process performance and measure results to keep your business moving in the right direction. Part of ADONIS’ magic is in its ability to perfectly accommodate all business use cases. The model comparison aids you in visualizing the evolution of your process transformation. Exchange ideas. Expert articles on trending topics, monthly information on our free webinars & announcements of new product versions. The release workflow is the ultimate collaborative experience in ADONIS. Better. Cultural and intellectual diversity, openness for new things and the continuous urge to excel in what we do has brought us to where we are today: a technological leader as … BOC Group offers its professional BPM suite ADONIS in a variety of different product editions, to best meet and cater for the needs of different team sizes and maturity levels in BPM. See all roles involved. Find all processes you’re responsible for. With the ADONIS app, you can take your BPM to-go, and have visibility into your process environment wherever you are. “ADONIS provided us with greater transparency on complex manufacturing processes.”, “Process management with ADONIS allows us to increase the quality of our processes while reducing the amount spent on overtime.”, “With ADONIS, we can document the requirements for everyone in a central point, this is the key to successful process management.”, “ADONIS allows us to efficiently implement the target structure of the group to consolidate over 50 banks into only 8 while efficiently supporting us in the areas of process standardization!”, “From the very beginning, our management team has relied on process management with ADONIS in order to control the growth and the increasing business complexity more efficiently.”, “ADONIS is the magnet that keeps employees and processes together.”. And all of that right from your smartphone. Vous trouverez ici nos derniers articles de presse, associés à des possibilités de téléchargement de documents variés, tels que les brochures produit du BOC Management Office avec ADOSCORE, ADONIS, ADOLOG et ADOIT, ou le profil d’entreprise de BOC Group. © 2020 BOC Products & Services AG. For over 20 years, BOC Group’s software tools ADONIS, ADOIT and GRC are established on the market and are used by Fortune 500 companies as well as small and medium-sized enterprises around the globe. Increase process awareness and ownership. BOC Group is happy to support your installation and deployment, if requested. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a term that was created in continuation of the earlier terms material requirements planning (MRP) and manufacturing resource planning (MRP II). Process modelling is at the very heart of BPM, but that doesn’t mean you should spend all your time and energy doing it. The offer is free of charge. Engage various stakeholders in a powerful versioning mechanism for approval and publishing of processes. Explore the different options and find the best-fitting match for your needs. BOC Group offers its professional BPM suite ADONIS in a variety of different product editions, to best meet and cater for the needs of different team sizes and maturity levels in BPM. Predict the costs and capacities involved. BOC Group encourages all interested parties to take the new ADONIS for a spin with the free ADONIS:Community Edition and experience next-level BPM first hand. No matter the need, you can do anything and everything in ADONIS. BOC Group with ADONIS a Representative Vendor in Gartner’s latest Market Guide for EBPA. Leave us a message, we will contact you shortly! Perfect the use of our software products and dive deeper into professional topics. Share process content, exchange improvement ideas, delegate tasks, and more, in just a heartbeat! Keep your BPM on the move with the ADONIS app, Head of IT Strategy, Architecture & Portfolio, Cookies help us deliver our services. Find the perfect complement to suit your Business Process Management needs. Share value-adding knowledge and information. Integrate to operational real-time data sources. Expert articles on trending topics, monthly information on our free webinars & announcements of new product versions. BPMN “fit for business” gives you the full BPMN 2.0. ADONIS REST API Find endless possibilities to integrate with ADONIS. Easy. For more information about the cookies we use, see our. Welcome to the BOC Group Documentation Portal. “The positive business impacts from proper compliance to the General Data Protection Regulation go beyond a simple audit exercise. ADONIS Data Protection Extension Efficient and Smart Data Processing for GDPR / Data Protection Compliance. Read Full Review ADONIS Test out process ideas against different scenarios in a risk-free, virtual environment. BOC Group Positioned as a Challenger in Gartner’s 2020 Magic Quadrant for EA Tools. MADRID, 23 de junio de 2020 /PRNewswire/ — BOC Group ha anunciado hoy la última versión de su suite BPM ADONIS 10.0, que ofrece mejoras a todos los niveles, desde el rendimiento y la usabilidad, al diseño y la seguridad. While manufacturing resource planning focused on the resources needed for manufacturing, the idea behind enterprise resource planning is to consider all resources necessary for the success of the enterprise. Fast, smart and no skills required. Create tasks to delegate responsibilities. Business Process Management shouldn’t stop at your desk. Find out how the latest innovations in ADONIS make BPM engaging for everyone and get more people hooked onto the BPM fever. Discover our guide to success factors that can influence your company’s BPM adoption and use. ADONIS REST API ADONIS and Your Systems, Amplified Together. Map out anything from process diagrams and process landscapes, to customer journeys and everything in between. With ADONIS, you can thoroughly analyse your day-to-day processes. Completely resuable. And more. ADONIS helps you make the most out of social BPM, by allowing more people to work together more efficiently. Get the ADONIS mobile app and tap into your BPM wherever you are, and whenever you want. Bienvenue dans la zone presse de BOC Group ! Just use the ADONIS:Communtiy Edition or contact us. Select the product you need help with. Design bullet-proof workflow definitions. ADONIS repository is your single-source-of-truth for process data. Become part of the BOC Partner Programme and expand your software and/or consulting portfolio through proven products and methodological know-how. Make process information available to the entire organization. Amplify ADONIS’ power. Model great processes smarter. Further Adonis Product Editions Discover the … Steer all change activities to ensure compliance and governance, and more, all in one tool. With blazing-fast results and incredibly clever filtering options, ADONIS will help you track anything down in a flash. Ready to take your BPM to the next level? Pick between on-premise and SaaS deployments, and find a perfect mix of individual / shared user licenses, to match your organization’s needs. ADONIS helps you make the most out of social BPM, by allowing more people to work together more efficiently.