10.Every child likes an icecream. 9.I like geography and science. She takes selfies. Spelling Tip. 7. They take the bribe. It smells very delicious in the kitchen. We generally sing songs all together. 6.The sun rises at the east. 3.The children are at home. 5. The sun rises at the east. 7.Does she live in Paris? For this type of sentence, you can choose any other person/persons and use the proper form of to be: He/She is a student. Look at the table to see how to form sentences in the present simple tense using the verb to be. It usually rains every day here. 5.George brushes his teeth twice a day. 3. English Example Sentences, 100 sentences of simple present tense When we use the English language, we sometimes refer to the general truths that are accepted by everyone, or to a general and sustained action. These actions include habitual or repeated actions, scheduled actions occurring on regular basis; and facts that stand true all the time.. 9.Cats hate water. 4.The earth goes round the sun. 4.We go to a gallery every Sunday. My son lives in London. English Simple present tense example sentences, 60 Sentences of Simple Present Tense 1.They sleep in the afternoon. 8.I like reading detective stories. The following examples express actions occurring on … 5.Does he write an email? The Simple Present is the tense that we refer to events, actions, and conditions that are happening all the time, or exist now. 2.It smells very delicious in the kitchen. Apr 30, 2020 - Examples of simple present tense, examples sentences, 20 Sentences in Simple Present Tense; 1. Julie talks very fast. It usually rains every day here. 2.When do they usually talk to each other? She thinks he is very handsome. Check these simple present tense examples: I live in MadridShe loves you We don't like electronic musicThey don't know you Do you make people happy?Do you take calls Simple Present Tense: Uses We use the present… We speak lie. 20 sentences in simple present tense 1. We are doctors. We play tennis every morning. 6. 80 Sentences of Simple Present Tense 1.It usually rains every day here. 90 Sentences of Simple Present Tense, Example Sentences. 11.My mother never lies. They talk too much. I run every weekend. It rains every day in Assam. 4. Does he write an email? For more info, visit www.plantatree.com 20 SENTENCES IN SIMPLE PRESENT TENSE I go to President's House. Because in the positive sentence in this time mode, I, You, We and They are not used with any suffix to the verb. Does he go to school? 1.He loves to play basketball.. 2.He goes to school.. 3.Does he go to school? Present simple tense is one of the easiest time modes in English. 6.He gets up early every day. 3.We generally sing songs all together. Does he write an email? Present simple tense is used to state an action which occurs on regular basis in present. ID: 1444132 Language: English School subject: English language Grade/level: Grade 2 Age: 7-9 Main content: Present Simple Tense Other contents: Present Simple Add to my workbooks (2) Download file pdf Embed in my website or blog Add to Google Classroom It smells very delicious in the kitchen. When we talk about such actions or situations, we need to use simple present tense to tell the other person that the information we provide means a general validity. English Examples of Simple Present Tense Sentences My father goes to gym every day. She loves to play basketball. Present Simple Tense Notes and Example Sentences Present simple tense is used to talk about our regular habits, as well as generally accepted scientific knowledge. 2. We go to a gallery every Sunday. 8.He doesn’t teach math. 4.She writes an e-mail to her best friend.. 5.He thinks he is very handsome.. 6.It usually rains every day here.. 7.It smells very delicious in the kitchen.. 8.We generally sing songs all together.. 9.We go to a gallery every Sunday.. 10.Does he write an email? 7.They speak English in USA. Sun rises in the East. In the present simple 3rd person singular (he, she, it), add s, es, or ies to the base form of the verb. You are a student. You eat Pizza every weekend. He takes bath once in a month.

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