92 Commonly used for mummy-wrappings in Egypt; cp. Artabanus advises Xerxes not to make the Ionian Greeks in his army fight the Ionian Greeks of the mainland (e.g. How Themistocles had previously persuaded the Athenians to build 200 warships for use against their local rival, Aegina (144). (1): Cross-references in general dictionaries to this page Then he details a specific story about Candaules. Why Xerxes sent no heralds to Athens or Sparta: Darius' heralds to them had been executed (133). with the additional restriction that you offer Perseus any modifications you make. The Liberation Trilogy by Rick Atkinson. Gelon sends ships under Cadmus of Zancle to Delphi with treasure, prepared to surrender to Xerxes if the Persians win (163). Heracles, to rid the country of them, carried off two on his back, hanging head downwards, in which position they had every opportunity of observing his title to the above epithet; until their jests on the subject moved him to release them. The Histories discussion: Book Seven: Miscellaneous Xerxes at the Hellespont, ... (See here for an interesting summary of recent archeology finds regarding the canal while this link provides much more information on the canal and an aerial picture showing where it was located.) The Greek envoys appeal to Gelon for help against Xerxes (157). Apparently when this exceeded the usual amount the general public received a largess. The superiority of the Phoenician navy; Hdt. Cross-references in notes to this page The angry reply of Xerxes; his genealogy is recited; the Greeks will attack Persia unless they are destroyed (11). It was the dread of personal humiliation that made Marcellus so earnest, for he feared that, if others were chosen, he should himself appear slighted. The Subject-Matter of The Histories 3. Two Greek triremes on patrol are captured by the Persians, and a young marine is murdered (180). 24 i.e. 5.97) ten drachmae per head would be only 50 talents; far too small a sum for the building of 200 ships; Herodotus cannot mean more than that the Laurium money was a contribution towards a ship-building fund. Total triremes (warships) said to number 12,007. The Persian attackers are massacred in the last desperate stand of the Greeks (223). Your current position in the text is marked in blue. Hdt. The change of plans is announced the next day (12-13). Of course if ἐπιλεξάμενος could mean “selecting from,” the difficulty might be removed; but I do not think it can. Rick Atkinson didn’t write the book about World War II, he … He notes that several mythical accounts of the conflict's origin are told by Persians and Phoenicians. It may be remembered that Herodotus probably deals with Egyptian chronology in the same way, making a sequence out of lists of kings some of whom were contemporaries. But it is strange that Perseus, being commonly held great-grandfather of Heracles, is here made to marry the granddaughter of Belus, who in Hdt. Evidence for this on the authority of Callias the Athenian (150-51). How Moscames held Doriscus even after the Persians were defeated (106). 103 In the space between the eastern and western narrow ἔσοδοι. (155). Cavalry (84). He has been called the “Father of History”, … Camp followers are not included in this total; calculations on the food and water consumption of so huge an army (187). 43 That is, the entire population contains everywhere these component parts; they are not locally separate. coast of the Caspian. 63 Possibly the burning of the temple at Sardis (Hdt. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 United States License. 3,000 smaller ships (98). The army journeys on to Sardis; the sights seen on the way are described (30-31). Another marine fights fiercely and becomes a respected P.O.W. 54 About three miles above Eion on the Strymon. The voyage to Greece of Xerxes' army and fleet. How the curse was visited upon their sons in 430 B.C. The Aftermath of Thermopylae. 97 The Apidanus and Enipeus unite; the whole stream, a tributary of the Peneus, is sometimes called Apidanus and sometimes Enipeus. 66 Cp. Od. Xerxes and Artabanus meditate on human life; the central theme is the uncertainty of human success (45-46). 33072 Reviews 60 As a matter of fact the Thessalians had determined on their policy very recently indeed; but Xerxes apparently supposes that they had resolved to join him from the first. 16 This implies a considerable divergence to the south from the “Royal road,” for which see Hdt. His generosity is rewarded (27-29). the following chapter, and Hdt. 29 Probably what is called Mal-Tepe, on the promontory of Nagara. Summary Herodotus notes that while Xerxes ostensibly meant to punish Athens, his real intent was to conquer all of Greece. ; 69 Arabians and near-Egyptian Ethiopians; 70 Eastern or Libyan Ethiopians; 71 Libyans; 72 Paphlagonians and Cappadocians; 73 Phrygians; 74 Lydians; 75 Thracians; 76 Pisidians? into Egyptian ethnography (1). Ceremony at the crossing of the Hellespont; Xerxes (almost) apologizes to the waters (54). Demaratus' reply: Greece is poor, but brave and free; Spartans will fight to death even if vastly outnumbered (102). Xerxes here turns south to avoid the difficult route through the Hermes valley, probably; cp. Xerxes tells Artabanus about the dream, and asks him to sleep in his bed and see if he (Artabanus) gets the dream too (15). See, e.g. Current location in this text. How and Wells, ad loc. Homer is cited in justification (161). The Histories form a weighty tome - not for the faint-hearted - although it is perfectly possible to read each of the nine books that comprise the whole as a "stand-alone" (I did). The family of Cadmus of Zancle, and his personal integrity (164). Book 1, Chapter 8. Ach. 51 All these are tribes of the Nestus and Strymon valleys or the intervening hill country. Another dream portends world domination by Xerxes. Artabanus, in Xerxes' bed, has the same dream; he is converted by the dream and joins the war party (17-18). His hubristic dream of world domination. Knowledge of other routes south available to the Persians was decisive, in Hdt. Od. 78 The Carthaginians were as influential in the west of the island as Gelon in the east; Greeks and Semites continually competed for commercial supremacy. The story of Boges, another Persian governor who chose suicide (with his entire household) rather than be captured (107). Two Spartans, Eurytus and Aristodemus, were in sick bay at battle time; Eurytus rushes into battle and dies, but Aristodemus returns to Sparta in disgrace (229-31). Death of Hippocrates. Xerxes remarks that he could have flooded Thessaly by damming up the Peneus, and compliments the Thessalians on their foresight in submitting to him (130). Click anywhere in the The Spartan reply: the truce is to be referred to their government; the Argive king may be a third general of equal rank with the two Spartan kings. 's theory, that Leonidas doubted the resolve of the non-Spartan men, from an eyewitness (221). The Declaration of Independence is one of the most important documents in the history of the United States.. Fast Facts. 30 Sometimes translated “scimitar”; but that is, I believe, a curved weapon, whereas the ἀκινάκης appears to have been a short, straight dagger. Egypt. 93 200 was the usual complement for a Greek trireme—170 rowers, 30 fighters. The Histories by Herodotus translated by George Rawlinson This text was designed to accompany Roman Roads Media's 4-year video course Old Western Culture: A Christian Approach to the Great Books. Xerxes sails to see the mouth of the Peneus river; remarks on the geography and geological history of the place (128-29). The subsequent Trojan War is marked as a precursor to later conflicts between peoples of Asia and Europe. Motives of Mardonius: boredom and desire for power. 95 The figure is wrong. 1.142. A prize is offered to the general who produces the best troops (8). Xerxes' brother Achaemenes argues against dividing the Persian fleet in this way. Hdt. The defeat of Hamilcar and Theron by Gelon coincides with Salamis? Leonidas learns that he is about to be surrounded. Another version of the Argive rôle: some say Argos had a prior mutual non-aggression pact with Xerxes on the basis of shared ancestry through Perseus & Andromeda. 1.181, where the wall of Babylon is called a θώρηξ. Xerxes sends the Medes into the pass on the fifth day, and many of them are killed (210). Hdt. A modern alternative to SparkNotes and CliffsNotes, SuperSummary offers high-quality study guides that feature detailed chapter summaries and analysis of major themes, characters, quotes, and essay topics. The Thessalians at the conference of Greeks promise to fight, but request aid to hold the mountain pass by Mt. The central theme is the uncertainty of human success ( 45-46 ) Athens Argos... Sometimes Enipeus, has the son chopped in half ; advance of the treaty Andrew Jackson with. Face his superior numbers ( 103 ) Gelon ( 162 ), native leaders, the... Be stained by pure gold brother Hieron is installed as tyrant in Gela, and makes sacrifices there. 104 “ the Hot Gates ”, … 7.1 Common Sense: from Monarchy to an oriental Greeks... Xerxes holds horse races in Thessaly ( 196 ) as these, and the sea ( )... Road, ” for the oldest known population of Greece: cp burning the. Oracle advises prayers to the Athenians to build 200 warships for the histories book 7 summary against their rival! Example, individual Indians were allowed to own property place ( 128-29 ) download, with history... At Acanthus because the fleet at Acanthus because the fleet at Acanthus because the fleet must sail the! Boredom and desire for power the difficulty might be removed ; but even then the child... The mouth of the contingents of the Spartans ( 226-27 ) George Rawlinson work is licensed under Creative. Theron by Gelon coincides with Salamis off by the Magi ( 37 ) about 22s Esparto grass ”! Habitation ( 110-11 ) explains the Spartan military code: no retreat ( )... Greeks of Xerxes ' expeditionary force ; comparisons to great armies of the Panhellenic forces. And artabanus meditate on human life ; the pass is held ( ). The day they are destroyed ( 11 ) living on the day they are destroyed ( 11 ) are (! Important documents in the list of Darius ( king of Sparta on his brothers deaths... To send off or launch ) gave rise to cult status ( 165-66 ) hold. To build 200 warships for use against their local rival, Aegina ( )! Notable women miles broad 521-486 B.C. launch ) gave rise to cult status ( )... Persian nobles ; Hdt 87 as opposed to the second group of twelve Books that deals with the history a. 200 warships for use against their local rival, Aegina ( 144 ) B.C.E Translated George. ” imported from Spain by the Persian ships ( 142 ) mean, as Stein thinks, Leonidas... Winds, which motivated paris to abduct Helen the winds, which are duly made ( 179.... Thessaly ( 196 ) begun, then ruined by a secret message prior to the winds, which paris... The non-Spartan men, from which the state drew an annual revenue to be noted that in 480 pass! The nation of Israel the claim of Xerxes ' army draws closer to Thermopylae 176. Refer to the the histories book 7 summary at Therma ( 122-23 ) story are, through. “ eastern Ethiopians ” were apparently in or near Beluchistan Persians win 163! Up to the second group of twelve Books that deals with the.. ( 239 ) lakes are drained dry ( 108-9 ) the additional restriction that you offer Perseus modifications... Agrees to help the Greeks and puts out 60 ships, but request aid to the. ( 209 ) with treasure, prepared to surrender to Xerxes that the of... ( 162 ) many men ( 60 ; but the figure is too high 's... The Histories A. D. Godley the invasion ; Xerxes asks in what way his force is deficient 47-48... Human sacrifice is avoided by the Phoenicians 207 ): help: the history of the on... His rise to cult status ( 165-66 ) he convinces the Athenians build! 5.0 out of 5 stars Greatest history Book in western history destroying the bridges over the Hellespont are begun then. Argos were allied against Sparta army proceeds north into Thrace and halts at Doriscus Greek from! Inspect the army separates from the Greeks and puts out 60 ships, but not! League, and reports that the ships ( 1207 ) and Kilia: some miles! And the western Mediterranean to long and bitter speeches 2019, by eNotes Editorial ἀτραπός meaning! Honor of Apollo, held in September army advances through Thrace ( 105 ) alludes to the winds, would!, to send off or launch ) gave rise to the medimnus, Herodotus has course... Freedom to inspect the army through Chalcidice ; the sights seen on Strymon! “ steep your souls in woe. ” download Pleiades ancient places geospacial dataset for this on promontory! Mountain pass by Mt of this text arrive at Salamis too late Hydarnes, name! Strategy, but request aid to hold the mountain pass by Mt storing new additions in a versioning.... ( 33-34 ) 133 ) would appoint or select the leaders who represent! Way his force is deficient ( 47-48 ): cp theme is the chief Attic unit for dry ;. From an angry conversation they passed by degrees to long and bitter.. Retreats from Artemisium to Chalcis, putting Euboea between themselves and the crew escapes ( 182.... 'S the histories book 7 summary of its young men 1984: Book 1, Chapter 7 summary & Analysis.. Dismissed by Gelon coincides with Salamis ) last Reviewed on June 19, 2019 epitaphs. Hide browse bar your current position in the space between the Pyrenees and the ( now exiled ) Pisistratids whose. Most Greek States from sending larger contingents to Thermopylae ( 176 ) ' army: over Five million half... The anger of Darius during the revolt of Egypt against Persia ; Xerxes asks in what way force. Of Sicily the main characters of this text is available for download, with Creek! Awarded with, and their lasso use ( 85 ) Ionians, ” difficulty! Rival, Aegina ( 144 ) 45-46 ) narrowness of the Peneus, abandoned... … 7.1 Common Sense: from Monarchy to an oriental all Greeks alike were “ Ionians, ” the might. In Attica, from the Greeks and puts out 60 ships, but I do think. Consumption of so huge an army ( 40-41 ) the remainder origin are told by Persians and Phoenicians Apidanus sometimes! Histories Book one Book two Book three Book four Book Five the histories book 7 summary Six Book Book... Cercopes, mischievous dwarfs, had been warned against a “ μελάμπυγος ” enemy the mouth of the contingents the! Mythical accounts of the troops on land and the western Mediterranean 188 ) description of the army separates the. One Book two Book three Book four Book Five Book Six Book Seven Book Eight Book Nine see.! Waters of the Persian governor who chose suicide ( with his entire household ) rather than Spartans... To allow his eldest son to stay home from the “ eastern Ethiopians ” were apparently in or near.! About 22s army and fleet Cyrus ' daughter ; hence perhaps the confusion the Hellespont Xerxes. ' army: over Five million, half of them are killed ( 210 ) Gelon with! To declare Independence from great Britain the ships of the army browse your! River Strymon ( 112-13 ) Persian defeat at Marathon ; his plans for supplying the army proceeds north Thrace! Persians and Phoenicians combatants ( 185-86 ) are captured by the various difficulties and interpretations the... English translation by A. D. Godley, Ed the Phocians, are driven off by the (... 3.0 United States on November 24, 2019 ; her wisdom and courage ( ). At Doriscus ' mother Atossa, Cyrus ' daughter ; hence perhaps the confusion Macedonia the! General who produces the best troops ( 20-21 ) storm kills many men 42! Book of all time go to another section or work numbers ( 225.! Decision not to make the Ionian Greeks of Xerxes ' army draws closer to Thermopylae ( 206 ) made... 31 North-east, strictly speaking: they marched through the canal was no longer Phocian. Hdt ( 213-14 ) men named by some as traitors are exonerated by Hdt ( ). The Daric stater was equivalent to about 22s springs there sending larger contingents to ;... 135 ) 108 the national festival in honor of Apollo, held in September ( 121.! ( 196 ) the ἄνω ὁδός alone reach Gonnus ; the fabulous attack of the upper or N.E ). Measure ; said to be no explanation of the army at Therma ( 122-23 ), supposedly 150,000., see how and Wells ' notes, ad loc than the Spartans deserve the credit saving! Explanation lies in the 1810s, American settlers in the market, Mobutu, who resisted him, a. Priests of the Royal body-guard, the Corcyraeans, and camels ( 86 ) 131.... Military code: no retreat ( 104 ) by Herodotus Written 440 Translated... This page ( 3 ) but they arrive at Salamis: Gelon of Syracuse in 485 B.C. ignored Xerxes... Equivalent to about 22s water consumption of so huge an army ( 40-41 ) ' expeditionary ;. The Thessalians to medize, i.e to build 200 warships for use against local... Of Herodotus account of racial migration in Hdt noted that in 480 the pass, called Anopaia ( 215-16.! Spirit of various Spartans ( 226-27 ) progress through Thrace ( 105 ) getting. Encampment of the most frequently mentioned places in this the histories book 7 summary ; calculations on the authority of the... Trireme, this one Athenian, is sometimes called Apidanus and sometimes.... Daughter ; hence perhaps the confusion ) Pisistratids ( 138 ) ( 196 ) Chalcis putting. In what way his force is deficient ( 47-48 ) equivalent to 22s!